5 Tips To Promote Your YouTube Channel On Social Media

Video advertising has exploded terrifically over the past few years. Every YouTuber would be happy to get more subscribers and views on their channel. In order to promote your channel on social media, you have to follow some tactics that will give you the best results.

Are you looking for promoting your YouTube channel on other social medias?? Are you want to get more people to watch and subscribe to your channel?? If you answered yes, then you need to start marketing your YouTube Channel on other popular medias like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Apart from youtube comments, you can also buy youtube views and likes from some authorized sellers. This is also one of the easiest ways to get high ranking on youtube.

1. Give Subscribers A Reason To Follow:
First of all, you have to provide your YouTube viewers reasons to follow you on social media. For that, you need to make your video with unique and attractive content. Whether it’s Google or YouTube, user search results are a prominent way for bringing viewers to all types of content.

2. Create A Link To The Playlist:

Promoting your channel on popular social media is not just about what you post, also a chance for you to let people know what you do on your channel. Give a link to the playlist of your favorite videos on YouTube, and make new viewers will get addicted.
Facebook is one of the dominant media which helps you to get involved and increase awareness to your viewers. On Facebook page, you can give the link to your latest blog posts and proceeds viewer opinion polls.
Twitter Page:
On your Twitter page, you may post a brief discussion of one element of your video.

3. Use Hashtags To Spread Your Range:
When you use hashtags on social media, you can promptly get more exposure. Try to use popular and trending hashtags on your video that relate to your content. The audience could search through their favorite hashtags for interesting and funny posts on YouTube.

4. Encourage Audience To Share Your Video:

When your subscriber shares your video, their followers will be more possible to see your video. And you have to boost your followers when they share your YouTube videos. If you want to get more share instantly on your YouTube video, you can simply buy YouTube shares and views for your channel.

5. Choose The Social Networks For Your Viewers:
At last, you need to find out where viewers hang out mostly and you have to focus on those networks in particular.

Use these important steps to promote your YouTube channel on social media and get more views and subscriber for your channel. Make your Channel viral on YouTube.

Hammer Drill Types

Hammer drills are mainly classified into two categories based on mechanism and power it holds. The types are Cam-Action and Electro-Pneumatic. Hammer drills are the 2017 best hand tools for home and business use.

Hammer Drill Types


  • The hammer drill with low power is “cam-action” or “percussion”. It is also called as hammering mechanism.
  • These drills have two set of gears which interact with each other and it can produce a hammering force/action when it transfers or rotates the drill.
  • The complexion in Cam-Action is that the drill chuck moves in both ways. Either the front or back and the motion depend on the rotation of the chuck.
  • This driller can be used in both with and without hammer action. The hammer motion will be impossible without the rotation of the cams.
  • These types of drills are mostly compact and few are cordless. This drill is only best for drilling in masonry and concrete but not for construction production.


  • The drills in this category are big and they are called as rotary hammers. It is not compact one but it can able to produce large crash force. So we have to thank for the EP hammering mechanism.
  • This EP hammer drill is depending on two action pistons namely, drive piston and flying one. When the electric motor turns a crank then the drive piston moves in forth and back in a cylinder.
  • The air pressure in the cylinder can easily transfer the energy when the pistons will never touch. Today most of the drills are having separate functions for rotation and hammer and these hammers are depending on EP.
  • Both Cam-Action and EP hammer can be cordless or corded. The formers will always depend on batteries rather than other.

2017 best hammer drill is Bosch HDB180-02 and it is a battery powered source with blows 21,000. The weight of the drill is 9.4lbs.

How to use a Hammer Drill?

  • The hammer drill has a special design of clutch which allows the drill to spin and punch it on its own axis.
  • When the action of hammering is fast, the drill moves forth and back at a small distance, the blow force is also small and BPM or IPM can also achieve.
  • If you switch off the clutch in a hammer drill and now it turns into a standard drill for metal, wood and other soft materials.
  • The standard drills cannot produce the force like hammering one which required for a break or makes holes.

Showbox For Apple iPad/iPhone Download

Showbox for Apple iPad/iPhone download

Showbox is a fun app used by all to watch free movies, videos and TV shows. This app can help you to watch all your favorite artists shows at any time and also on a big screen.

Showbox apk is the best android app which can be used in Blackberry and with an android emulator such as windows 10, 8, and 7. But there is no option to use showbox app on the iOS device. By using Android Emulator method Mac users can get this app on their device.

Showbox for Apple iPad/iPhone download

Using android emulators for iOS is not familiar and unkown one.. But there is 2 way available to get the app on iOS.

If you are using iOS and want to use the showbox app then follow the below mentioned ways. Here we go…

Getting Showbox app for iOS using Android Emulator:

  • Follow the step by step procedure to get the showbox app on iOS using an android emulator method. Emulator is called as Cydia.
  • Download Cydia for your iPhone OS and its version should be 6.0 or higher.
  • Install Cydia and click on Manage. Manage is at the bottom.
  • After entering the sources check for apt.modmyi.com to add to the system manually.
  • After adding the sources look for an iAndroid app.
  • Click the right button on top to install it and allow for the complete installation.
  • Now you can able to see iAndroid on your iPad/iPhone’s home screen.
  • From this file you can download showbox apk and after opening the iAndroid you can use showbox without any disturbance.

There were some users reported that this method was not work properly. No need to worry for that because there is another method available to get the showbox app for your iPhone or iPad. This method is using vShare which available on vshare.com.

Getting Showbox app for iOS using vShare:

  • This method is more easier than the previous one.
  • Download vShare for your device from the original website and it is a free app.
  • Now start run the app. It will show you the prompt for iOS to accept the app and click on trust .
  • Open the app and type “Movie Box” in a search bar. This app is also similar to showbox app and available in all iOS.
  • Now install and run the Movie Box app. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your iOS.

I hope that these two methods for showbox app for iPhone/iPad were give you a new experience when using it.

Tricks For Clash of Royale Beginners

Clash of clans was a popular game for years, but it is straight to get overshadowed by a clash royale. But one more benefit is clash Royale having the same characters of-of clash of clans including giants etc. Clash Royale is one of the multiplayer game, and it was developed by Supercell. Clash Royale is the advanced version of clash of clans. Clash Royale is one of the simple, fun and addictive game. Clash Royale is more addictive then clash of clans, so try to use some caution before downloading it. Get familiar with the layout and managing resources like gold and managing resources with gold and build a deck for a battle.

Tricks For Clash of Royale Beginners
Choose some crown tower and to focus target and the attack it but remember to defend too. When playing then, the enemy goes first or active the card and be sure to have a good deck. Always remember to take care and keep eyes on your tower. After the crown tower is destroyed either attack the main tower or attack the other. When you knock the both tower down, go after the king’s tower. For more info, you can also visit clash royale apk.Here we will see some tricks for clash of royale beginners.

  1. Use skeleton attack and test deck in training battles
  2. Spend gold wisely and have variety in your battle deck
  3. Don’t attack first and don’t rush attack
  4. Use often spell and don’t drop trophies
  5. Check out desks on youtube
  6. Dual player in real time and multiple arenas
  7. Your own battle community by sharing cards
  8. Private with friends and clan mates etc
  9. Ultimate battle deck and powerful crown chests by destroying the opponent towers
  10. It can also have all the characters from a clash of clans.

SSC CGL 2017: Best Tips & Tricks to Crack the Exam this Year

SSC – Staff Selection Commission

SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL) is really an important one among all the SSC Exams as it is the entrance for most reputed government sector jobs. As per the survey, 17,86,047 candidates appeared in SSC CGL exam 2016 and we expect more than this for SSC CGL 2017. Hence the candidates should focus more to crack this exam.


Not more days are remaining for the exam, candidates must realize that and put their whole effort to excel this exam. So here are some subject wise tips suggested by top SSC CGL coaching in Chennai to crack the SSC CGL exam easily.

Quantitative Aptitude:

The Quantitative Aptitude section of the SSC CGL exams normally has four divisions. They are

  1. Arithmetic Section
  2. Algebra Section
  3. Trigonometry Section and
  4. Geometry Section

You need to pay more attention for all sections in the Geometry and Trigonometry. In specific the areas like Trigonometric identities, height & distance based problems require more focus in trigonometric section.

In Arithmetic section, the topics like profit & loss, simple & compound interest, time & distance and time & work needs more attention. Algebra is considered as the tough section so you need to practice more to take problems in this section.


Candidates can score more marks in this section, as the questions are come from,

  1. Analogy & Classification
  2. Non-verbal reasoning
  3. Syllogisms
  4. Coding & decoding
  5. Blood relations
  6. Direction tests and series.

In non-verbal reasoning you can expect more questions from mirror image & water image, paper cutting, folding and punching, figural series completion and embedded figures.

Never neglect,

  1. Statement-conclusion and statement-assumption from inferential reasoning
  2. Number series and semantic series from Series and finding the missing number.

English Language:

You need to be more strong in Grammar and basics to take this section in SSC CGL exam. Major question will come from,

  1. One word substitution
  2. Idioms & Phrases
  3. Synonyms & Antonyms
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Sentence Errors
  6. Reading Comprehension
  7. Sentence Rearranging
  8. Jumbled up sentences.

Additionally questions will come from,

  1. Narration & Active/Passive voice
  2. Questions based on Vocabulary

Refer previous year question papers more and focus the topics in which the questions came from. For more reference visit Dream Institute, a best SSC, IBPS, RRB, UPSC and TNPSC coaching centre in Chennai

General Knowledge:

General knowledge section involves more work as it has more year based and history based question hence you need to store more in your mind. Focus frequently asked question from the previous year question papers. This section has high possibility for repeated questions so don’t neglect them.

Hope this article lists all necessary points required to crack the SSC CGL exam 2017.

Things You Must Do Before Booking A Maxi Cab In Singapore

Singapore is one of the fastest growing countries which attract many people to visit Singapore. Maxicab Singapore is the perfect option to enjoy your tour in Singapore. You have to check some basic things before booking a cab in Singapore. Some of them are listed below just check them up.



Fixing your budget is the major task you must do because there are vast of verities in cabs which offers benefits to their customers but they consume money as much as they offer to their customers so before processing to book a maxicab fix your budget.

Calculate the members

You have to count the total members who are going to travel in that cab, this step can prevent you from uncomfortable journey. Book a perfect cab which fit for your entire family. Adjusting may disturb you sometimes while enjoying a major visit.

Reduce the luggage

Over luggage is the main thread to your vacation because it will occupy more space in the cab which may cough rush inside the cab. Plan what are all the things you must have with you in the trip this will reduce most of your unwanted carryings.

Check the travel date

The date which you are selecting for your trip must be clear in the booking form otherwise it will spoil the entire trip without any other reasons so check the date of your trip twice or thrice before proceeding to book.

These are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind and check before booking a maxicab or taxi for your vacation in Singapore.

4 Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business

4 Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business

Have you newly started the small business and you looking for the low-cost advertisement to promote your business? Print ads and Banner ads are very expensive. But, it is not suitable for the small and mid-size business. Promoting a small business is very challenging on today. Since more people will start many new businesses on every day and give their efforts to popular them.

4 Cost-Effective Ways To Advertise Your Business

Here you will get the proven cost-effective marketing strategies to find your targeted customers quickly.

Business Cards:
Try to create effective business cards to reach your business. And, give your business cards to everyone who can help you to search new clients. Call your relatives and friends and tell them you have newly started a business. Leave the stack of business cards to hand out your friends and business people.

Facebook page:
Try to create the business page on Facebook for free, it allows you to interact your customers and other business leads. Many business owners start the website and simply create the Facebook page to interact their clients. In Facebook pages, you can put a post of recent offers, discounts, and new arrivals etc. It is the brilliant way to get clients quickly.

Free Online classified ads:
It is one of the effective marketing ideas for small business to make very popular among the audience. The great advantages of free online classified ads give the countless chances for new shoppers and medium businesses. Also, online classified ads help to save time, efforts and money and you can also extend the time period by using upgrade options. They also give you the space to show up the photos or videos about your products and services. You can advertise to the people in country or state region to get the targeted audience. But, the important thing is you must choose the best-classified ads website like to post your ads like real estate classifieds.

Writing Articles:
Well-written articles are also providing the free advertising and create the positive responses. If you are a realtor, then you write an article about the property and include the images. You must write the specific topic about your business and write the short biography of you and your business in that article. It is the effective idea to promote your business at very cheap rate.

In Final Words:
These are the low-cost business promotion ideas which help you to advertise your small or medium business in your budget.

5 ways to improve your blog with SEO inbound links:

Your blog will get more traffic when you have high-quality links for your website. There are many SEO company in Bangalore and make a use of it to improve your blog traffic. Here are the 5 ways to get quality incoming links for your blog.


Create content which others will want to share: The valuable content is an important thing in search engine optimization. Blog posts provide a valuable resource, solve problems, demonstrate innovation or even create controversy and entertain. These all can create incoming links. By sharing videos, outstanding blog post and another way of online content to build social media credits. Use Facebook, TweetMeme or Digg buttons to share your content easily.
Online press release: Press release is one of the great methods to get incoming links. A press release can directly publish by any highly trafficked news Organization. Provide a content which is valuable to others. If you are writing a press release then write like you are press reporter. The main advantage an online press release is you can control the backlinks for your blog.
Write Guest Post for your blog: Writing Guest posts on the highly trafficked website and highly ranked website can create an incoming backlink to your blog. Sometimes the writer may often free posts with the exchange of link back to their blog.
Create Link to others: No need to get worried about giving a link to other websites. Link with content acts as an incoming link on other blogs and also provide service to readers.
Share your content with relevant websites: Look for the websites which are related to your blog to share the content and to get incoming links.
The person who doesn’t know SEO can’t do it properly for their blog. There are many best SEO services in Bangalore to do this.

5 Features That Helps To Sell Your Home Soon

House owners are now and again not willing to upgrade when it’s a great opportunity for sale. All things considered, you won’t live there any longer, and home rebuilding endeavors just increment home estimations by 64% of the normal venture’s expenses. Residential plots for sale in Bangalore with all the features you expect from a house owner. Let’s see some most wanted features that help to sell your house soon.



It’s essential for property holders not to disregard the terrace zone when preparing for resale, Mike McGrew says, treasurer of the National Association of Realtors and CEO of McGrew Real Estate, a Lawrence, Kansas-based realty firm.

Laundry Room

More than whatever else, property holders need a room other than the visitor room to stack all the spotless clothing in until it at long last escapes.

Exterior Lighting

Enlightening a very much manicured garden with outdoor lighting can snatch potential purchasers’ consideration before they even set foot in the front entryway. Truth is told, outside lighting is the most-needed open air include, as indicated by the NAHB. Choices incorporate spotlights, walkway lights and pendant lights.

Eat In Kitchen

Eat-in kitchens are absolute necessities having for some purchasers, particularly families with youngsters. It’s a space where they regularly gather in the morning for breakfast before the children take off to class and guardians to work, or at night for supper so everybody can share highlights from their day.

Real estate developers Bangalore is taking care to fulfill all the expectations of their customers and make them to feel comfort with the property which they got from them.

How Beach Hotels Are Good Choice For Vacations

Vacations are the smartest way to strengthen your relationship bond with your family. If you are living in Chennai then there is a perfect choice for enjoyment that is mahabalipuram. A wonderful place which can hold a permanent place in your heart forever. There are many best hotels in mahabalipuram who can offer you some really good trip ahead.


Beach Hotels

Beach hotels are the majestic place which can mesmerize your mind and help you to enjoy the entire trip. There are some basic and beautiful features in these hotels which are only unique for beach hotels let’s see some of them from the below post.

Lunch on the beach

For the ideal closure of a day on the shoreline, make a beeline for our Tiki Bar when the sun begins to set. Amid party time, the mixed drinks are on us! Tasting grown-up refreshment and viewing the day offer approach to night with your sweetheart close by is a get-away memory that you will value for a considerable length of time to come.

Beach Parties

You can always arrange a beach party at evening times which can be extend upto midnight as well as you can arrange sun rise parties which can touch your heart. There are some party halls in Chennai who are specially doing this job professionally.

All these arrangements are done with privacy and security so you should not worry about anything what you have to do is simply enjoying your vacation entirely with your family.