5 Tips To Promote Your YouTube Channel On Social Media

Video advertising has exploded terrifically over the past few years. Every YouTuber would be happy to get more subscribers and views on their channel. In order to promote your channel on social media, you have to follow some tactics that will give you the best results.

Are you looking for promoting your YouTube channel on other social medias?? Are you want to get more people to watch and subscribe to your channel?? If you answered yes, then you need to start marketing your YouTube Channel on other popular medias like Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Apart from youtube comments, you can also buy youtube views and likes from some authorized sellers. This is also one of the easiest ways to get high ranking on youtube.

1. Give Subscribers A Reason To Follow:
First of all, you have to provide your YouTube viewers reasons to follow you on social media. For that, you need to make your video with unique and attractive content. Whether it’s Google or YouTube, user search results are a prominent way for bringing viewers to all types of content.

2. Create A Link To The Playlist:

Promoting your channel on popular social media is not just about what you post, also a chance for you to let people know what you do on your channel. Give a link to the playlist of your favorite videos on YouTube, and make new viewers will get addicted.
Facebook is one of the dominant media which helps you to get involved and increase awareness to your viewers. On Facebook page, you can give the link to your latest blog posts and proceeds viewer opinion polls.
Twitter Page:
On your Twitter page, you may post a brief discussion of one element of your video.

3. Use Hashtags To Spread Your Range:
When you use hashtags on social media, you can promptly get more exposure. Try to use popular and trending hashtags on your video that relate to your content. The audience could search through their favorite hashtags for interesting and funny posts on YouTube.

4. Encourage Audience To Share Your Video:

When your subscriber shares your video, their followers will be more possible to see your video. And you have to boost your followers when they share your YouTube videos. If you want to get more share instantly on your YouTube video, you can simply buy YouTube shares and views for your channel.

5. Choose The Social Networks For Your Viewers:
At last, you need to find out where viewers hang out mostly and you have to focus on those networks in particular.

Use these important steps to promote your YouTube channel on social media and get more views and subscriber for your channel. Make your Channel viral on YouTube.

Hammer Drill Types

Hammer drills are mainly classified into two categories based on mechanism and power it holds. The types are Cam-Action and Electro-Pneumatic. Hammer drills are the 2017 best hand tools for home and business use.

Hammer Drill Types


  • The hammer drill with low power is “cam-action” or “percussion”. It is also called as hammering mechanism.
  • These drills have two set of gears which interact with each other and it can produce a hammering force/action when it transfers or rotates the drill.
  • The complexion in Cam-Action is that the drill chuck moves in both ways. Either the front or back and the motion depend on the rotation of the chuck.
  • This driller can be used in both with and without hammer action. The hammer motion will be impossible without the rotation of the cams.
  • These types of drills are mostly compact and few are cordless. This drill is only best for drilling in masonry and concrete but not for construction production.


  • The drills in this category are big and they are called as rotary hammers. It is not compact one but it can able to produce large crash force. So we have to thank for the EP hammering mechanism.
  • This EP hammer drill is depending on two action pistons namely, drive piston and flying one. When the electric motor turns a crank then the drive piston moves in forth and back in a cylinder.
  • The air pressure in the cylinder can easily transfer the energy when the pistons will never touch. Today most of the drills are having separate functions for rotation and hammer and these hammers are depending on EP.
  • Both Cam-Action and EP hammer can be cordless or corded. The formers will always depend on batteries rather than other.

2017 best hammer drill is Bosch HDB180-02 and it is a battery powered source with blows 21,000. The weight of the drill is 9.4lbs.

How to use a Hammer Drill?

  • The hammer drill has a special design of clutch which allows the drill to spin and punch it on its own axis.
  • When the action of hammering is fast, the drill moves forth and back at a small distance, the blow force is also small and BPM or IPM can also achieve.
  • If you switch off the clutch in a hammer drill and now it turns into a standard drill for metal, wood and other soft materials.
  • The standard drills cannot produce the force like hammering one which required for a break or makes holes.