3 Tips To Create Usable E-Commerce Site

According to the recent survey, more than 50% of people in India prefers online shopping. So it’s the best idea to improve your business in online. Probably, Your next question will be how? Answers is through E-commerce website. Most of the small e-commerce website owner can’t succeed because they can’t get a reasonable amount of traffic.


E-commerce is a most competitive field. If the customer didn’t like your website, he simple jumped to another one. So your website design and navigation should be easy and simple. Approach the best ecommerce development company Bangalore to improve your business. In this article, i will provide you few simple and effective tips to create your e-commerce website.

1) Sign-Up Button & Call-to-Action

Try to make sign-up process as much simple you can. Avoid lengthy signup process which takes 2 or 3 pages. For E-commerce websites, there is no need to know customer contact details like address, phone number, kind of work etc.

Call-to-Action plays a vital role in conversion rate and site usability. Set proper call-to-action. Call-to-action should be bright in color, professional font, and place in right place.

2) Buying Without Register option

Most of the user hate the lengthy sign-up process. So it’s the best idea to introduce buying without register option. For every e-commerce website, the first intention is to sale products not to get contacts. So if the customer like products on your website they will automatically register. In order to get more register account, you can give some special coupon code or discount.

3) Breadcrumb Navigation

For e-commerce website, Breadcrumb navigation is more important. Popular e-commerce website like amazon, Flipkart has good Breadcrumb navigation.

All you need is perfect web development company to design website. Are you in Bangalore, then kick out worries. BWDC is the leading website development company in Bangalore providing you quality e-commerce web design service.

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