5 Reasons You should Use Soundcloud

The main purpose that is behind the development of Soundcloud platform is the possibility to upload and share music with all those people who are willing to listen to it. As time passed, and the Soundcloud website became more popular, its goal developed too.

Today, we can say the soundcloud marketing team has done its job, and people around the world know about the social network and the music platform that you can find on the official website of this project. If you did not hear about this amazing tool, or if you just have not been curious enough to register, here is why you should take the first step and create an account.



No Charges Involved

Registering on Soundcloud official website is free of charge. No matter if you are an artist, who wants to upload his work, or you are a simple fan who wants to listen to some quality music, creating an account on this platform is free of any charge. You can always listen to music without being registered, but as you do create an account, you have access to more benefits.

Easy to Use

If you are used to spend time on Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts with the world, doing the same thing on soundcloud should not be a problem for you. If you upload your own files, or you just discover a song that you like, it takes you just a click to share it with your friends. Soundcloud marketing took care to make this website friendly for its users.

It Allows You Create Your Own “Fan Club” or “Follower’s Club”

Although many people will disagree, fun clubs are still popular, especially now, when it is so simple to organize them on social networks. People around the world can take advantage of the Soundcloud marketing tools and sign in to follow artists they are passionate about. You pick an artist, or more you click on the “follow” button, you will always be in the loop with what your favorite artist is doing. Being in a club, you can socialize with other fans to exchange opinions, impressions, and passions.

You can Keep Track of Your Activity and Your Files

The Soundcloud player website has a tool called analytics, which allows you keep track of your entire activity on the platform and also activity of the people following your ads. For example, if you upload a video, and you share it with your friends, the analytics tool allows you see how many people clicked on your video to watch it. You can also see a map with the location of the people who are watching your video. Soundcloud marketing does not really promote this tool, but it can be quite useful if you want to connect with people around the globe.

It can be Integrated on Your Personal Website or Blog

Soundcloud marketing team promotes the Embed and HTML 5 player that allows you implant this soft on your personal blog, or website. There are so many websites that can be enriched by a nice song played in the background. This platform makes it easy for you to add the music of your choice to your website background.

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