Android Rooting – Why Should You Root Your Phone?

Root is a process via which you gain the administrative privileges to the phone. Android is an open source operating system. But you still no not get full privileges out the box to play around with system files, as it is the question of violating and tampering of digital locks.

Over the years, it has been realized by the developers and the end consumers that a great potential is to be unleashed from within the smartphone by rooting it and gaining access to system files.



Performance boost

The cache memory of the phone can be relocated to another place. This will allow you to save on the valuable resources like the dedicated memory of the phone and thus have a faster phone due to free capacity. There are applications available in the Play Store that will allow the Android users to over clock he CPU speeds of their devices and run at lighting speeds to go as far as one can dare overheating their CPU.

Alteration – system files

The many parts of the android core are replaceable. By Android Rooting, you can add and replace the Android themes, edit the core applications like the Google Maps, Calendar, clock, Gmail etc. You can also go to the lower level of software layers within the Android OS like changing the recovery plus the boot images, add binaries associated with Linux OS and much more.

Installing Apps on SD card

The most annoying feature found on Android OS is the limitations imposed by it with respect to installing apps on phone memory, which is limited. Android Rooting can give the user privileges to install apps on the SD card or at least move apps to the SD card after installing on the phone memory. This greatly reduces the disadvantage that Android devices come in with the limited storage.

Latest OS based on Android

The stock android versions are often seem to have a limited updates due to the android releases and also the carrier mobile operators holding back on the updates. The rooted android with stock ROM will make provision of the updates as per the latest Android release.

Tethering – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

After getting root access to your Android smartphone, you can install apps that can be used to connect to your laptop device seamlessly over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also possible in order to share your Internet connection from your smartphone to the computing device. These applications mostly are known to work with ad hoc connections and shall get your working on your computing device with internet availability in no time.

Application choices

You shall be in a position to be able to select from numerous apps available on Play Store and other grey market areas that can provide a host of utilities that cannot be remotely possible on a device that has not been rooted. For e.g. taking screenshots on earlier android versions was not possible without rooting and installing CyanogenMod. Overclocking for performance is also a matter of concern here.

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