Diwali Decoration With Lights

Diwali is the festival of lights and so lights are essential to turn the decoration on the eve of Diwali a perfect one for the festival. Every festival has its own nature and characteristics and the decoration of the room or the house is then only perfect if the meaning or the essence of the festival is cared during the decoration of the house or the room.

To make the decoration on the evening of the Diwali a perfect one three steps can be recalled. The first one is to know and understand the reason of the festival of Diwali. The next thing is to match the lighting style of Diwali rightly match the festive reason. The third step is to take care of the protection of the house or the rooms from the lights.



Understanding the reason of Diwali

Diwali is a festival for rejoicing. Many thinks, that this much information is enough to decorate the room or the house. They then make the use of maximum lights, high power metals and lights with great illumination. Diwali is a festival of lights, but the light is the indication of the enlightened mind.

The lights are symbols of the openness of mind, the dissolution of illusion. Also the light will make the life understand its reason and thus takes it to the gate of consciousness. Light of Diwali is to make the person feel the truth, make the life deeply soaked in the sweet water well of truth. Thus the illumination of the light should not be like something that makes the night look like a day.

Choosing the right type of light

Diwali is the festival of light. Festival of light means festival of the mind to be enlightened. It is to be understood that the festival is of Hindus and the base and the basis of Hinduism is the philosophy and the highest philosophy that is the spirituality. The consciousness of the mind needs peace, patience of body and mind. So whenever the body or the senses are given extra stress by the extensive lights and their illumination, extensive musical and bass, the mind feels it impossible to concentrate within itself, thus the spiritual environment or the philosophical climax is lost.

To generate and retain this climax, the exterior of the house may be decorated with normal tiny bulb lights, but the inside direction would be more prominent for the festival is to light Diya and not artificial or electrical lights. This will make the environment inside the room, pleasant and still warm and that is sure to make the mind feel ease to feel the truth. To learn more about Diwali decorations visit www.happydiwaliblog.com!

Safety and security

Above all things, the safety and security should be kept in concern. The Diya is the direct lighting and the source of the light is fire. The fuel of the fire is the oil. So fire and oil are being placed together to decorate the room. Synthetic curtains are to be kept aside for that day to ensure the safety and security of the room and the house.

The external decoration includes tiny bulb light, which has also the source as the electricity. Electricity in open air can be very much dangerous, especially if there is a light shower in the afternoon or in the first half of evening. So one must be very careful about short circuits, and other accidents every time to make the festival end with joy only.

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