New Year’s Resolution and How to Stick With Them

New Year’s resolutions seem like a vague and vain effort that we put in to do nothing about it in the near future. Most of the times, when we look at ourselves on New Year, we realise that there is one part of us that we absolutely hate or would much rather like if it had changed in a positive way. So we take up on the resolutions only to fail ourselves at the end. but that ain’t going to fly. We have to stick to our resolutions or else there is no point in wasting or times, thinking about these things. Here are some tricks we have come up with to help you keep your promise to yourself.


Set Achievable Goals

The very first thing that you need is to set goals which are achievable.For instance you can lose a ton of weight in a year, but you will never be able to go round the world, and visit each and every corner of the earth. So make sure that you have set up goals which are simple and easier to follow. The thing is, we need to keep ourselves motivated or else we lose interest in whatever we are doing. So to keep that motivation alight, you have to take baby steps.

Baby Steps

Let us take the instance that you want to lose weight. So first make sure that you have divided your goals accordingly. Try to lose about 5 pounds in the first week and move gradually. These are achievable and so once you attain this particular goal of yours you will feel the need to stick to it. If the numbers or your goals are pretty much imaginary then soon you will feel no urge to continue.

Write Them Down

Make a chart of all those resolutions and stick them up on some place which you look at first thing in the day. Keep it right in front of your eyes. This way you will always have these resolutions working your mind and you will feel guilty if you fail to do your part for a particular day. So, make those resolutions as success from this happy new year.

Tell Others

See there are people who will actually be happy when something good happens to you and then there are people will be jealous of you and will hate anything that you do. Either way they will remind you about your resolutions when you will tell them. Those who are happy to help will be glad if you achieve some form of a milestone and those with terrible intentions will keep pinging and disturbing you.

Any which way, it will be you who will be benefited. For, if you have lost track of your focuses, these constant reminders will help you to remember all those factors as to why you had starting having a resolution in the very first place. Always remember that these resolutions are for your own good. The more you concentrate on keeping up with your demands the more likely it is that you will be happy in your future.

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