Vimeo Makes Its Own Mark

Businesses are always on the lookout for the new platform to promote their business. They want to reach out to the maximum number of people and make them understand what they stand for. It is not that long that Vimeo quietly entered the market of video sharing and the best part is that it is not just any platform where you get to see hundreds of videos. This is what defines the platform of Vimeo and makes it different from various others.


If you want it can provide you with SEO benefits along with brand representation and marketing obviously. Video is one of the best form of SEO, as we all know the visual medium is always more effective and impactful than any other media. Vimeo is no different too, it also provides you with titles, tags, along with a description which will help you secure higher search ranking on Yahoo, Google and Bing.

Vimeo and its wide spread wings

Vimeo has its cloud hosting services as well, which you can avail to get the most out of this platform. They also allow you to buy targeted Vimeo views for the videos that you think are not getting enough exposure. If you are a small business, then do make use of their cost structure which will help you to receive the best services at a cost effective way.

Many small businesses think that YouTube is the best way of promoting their video, but that is not the case always. YouTube is too crowded and the main big issue with YouTube is that it allows irrelevant videos to show up as related videos. But in Vimeo you will be provided your own space and in there nobody will be able to step in. YouTube has been around for many years and is a great platform too, but when you are looking for exclusiveness then no doubt Vimeo is the option for you.

Most businesses opt for YouTube because it is free and has been in the business for a long time now but as a small business or an entrepreneur you must be looking for a platform where knowledgeable people will appreciate your body of work and you will be able to build your own image or protect the image of your brand that you already have.

Vimeo accounts

You don’t need to believe in any of the reviews or opinions on which platform is better instead what you can do is visit the two sites and watch the video quality. You will know for sure that Vimeo provides very good quality video and not only that if you go for the PRO services which is available only for $199 per year you will be able to enjoy unlimited uploads up to 1Tb each year and unlimited streaming as well.
Apart from being the platform for filmmakers and artists you will also fine varied contents of e-learners too. The minimum default streaming quality of Vimeo is that of 720 HD which goes even higher with other packages that are made available. So depending on your preference you can go for the Pro or Plus or the basic account of Vimeo.

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